Monday, October 24, 2022

The Big Picture

I was away on holiday with my family last week and I had some time to think. Instead of a regular post, I came up with the following questions and some answers.

My main questions were, "How can I make myself better as a physiotherapist?", "How can I ensure that all the physios in my team get better?", "How can I make our clinics better for our patients?"

My thoughts were that I always have to keep up with the research that's out there, the solid ones of course. I keep my mind open to new ways of reading the human body and what is "normal". I look out for courses to upgrade my skills. These answers were just some of ones that came to mind.

I will of course be consulting with Aized and other colleagues for their thoughts of my questions. I'm curious to hear how they would answer my many questions. That's why I value my team. We see the world through different lenses, so I learn from their views too.

A very important group of people to consult too would be our patients. I want to find out what they think about their experiences at our clinics, and act upon them wherever needed.

This journey of life, of being a physiotherapist, of running our clinics is full of ups and downs. I keep my eyes on the big picture. The big picture is that each and every person who comes to our clinics feel heard, helped, understood and hopeful. That's really at the centre of all we do.

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