Sunday, May 12, 2019

Raising Two Kids And Two Clinics

Raising 2 boys
Today is the day we celebrate Mother's Day in Singapore. So let's remember Aized, as it was she who founded Physio Solutions back in 2007!

Then in October 2009, Sports Solutions was started. Many of you won't know this, she was expecting our first child to arrive in early 2010. Growing a family and two clinics at the same time was as difficult as could be. Life got more hectic for her as her due date drew near.

She was so focused on her fitness, the clinics and routine, she ran herself ragged. She felt she had a biological clock ticking down and at the same time she had to get Sports Solutions as ready  as possible before she popped. She was determined motherhood was not going to stop her.

On top of all that, she still saw patients at Physio Solutions right up till a month before she gave birth. This was only because her tummy grew too big for her to be handling patients.

Without her, there would not have been Physio Solutions. Without Physio Solutions, there would definitely not be Sports Solutions.

Here's wishing all mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day, especially those raising kids and a company at the same time.

Thank you to all our staff too, our clinics wouldn't be where we are today without you.

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