Thursday, August 22, 2013

You May Not Need That ACL Operation

Here's a  follow up post to our current trends in ACL reconstruction management. You may not need an operation as you thought after tearing your ACL despite what your surgeon or your friends tell you, especially if you are still young.

I posted the article in our other blog. Go take a look.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Zamst HA 1 Running Socks

Another incentive for me to start running after my accident. I received a pair of Zamst HA 1 Running Heel/ Arch socks to trial. It's touted as being helpful if you have heel pain (or plantar fasciitis).

First impression was that it took some effort (compared to a normal pair of socks anyway) to put on the sock. It looks like any normal pair of socks but once you put it on you will begin to appreciate that there's more than meets the eye.

The socks are definitely thicker than your regular running socks, and they are built anatomically to fit your right and left foot separately. Using their proprietary fit and knitting technology, there is some stabilizing force on the heel and I can definitely feel it supporting the arch of my foot. There is also no pressure on the medial calcaneal tubercle (this is where the plantar fascia attaches and commonly where it hurts).

The elastic at the top of the sock also feels stronger than normal although it does not seem to trouble my Achilles at all.

Since my doctor forbids me to ride my bike outside for another 2 months, I rode on the stationary bike and ran for a few minutes (don't tell my wife) with just the socks sans shoes yesterday at the Sports Solutions rehab area. This is probably the only brick (or bike-run) workout I can do at the moment given that my doctor thinks I should not be running yet. There was decent support compared to being barefoot of course.

I also lent the HA 1's to my wife whose left plantar fascia acts up occasionally. She has not run with it yet but said she felt a lot of compression/ pressure on the dorsum of the foot (or top of the foot) whilst walking around the house with it. She felt the arch support it provided.

My impressions are that the Zamst HA 1 socks may be suitable for those who are running in minimalist/ barefoot type running shoes and would require some additional support under their arches. Of course, your correct running form still trumps everything else.

My own experience suggests using the patented Strassburg sock while you sleep to help with plantar fasciitis if there are no other contributing factors after you run with the HA 1's.
My very own Strassburg sock since 2004
And if you do have plantar fasciitis given that plantar fasciitis can be caused by many different factors, I suggest you come to our clinic and find what is causing your plantar fascia to hurt rather than just treating the pain.

* You can get the Zamst HA 1 Running Heel/ Arch socks from Progress Healthcare.