Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kinesio Taping Course KT1 & 2 on 12-13 Nov 2011

Most recent KT 1 and 2 course taught by Gino at Progress Healthcare the past 2 days.
Contact us for more details if you wish to do the next course.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yesterday's Straits Times (ST 051111) Article On Sports Massage

If you read yesterday's article in the Straits Times on page C22 under the Sports section (Rubbing The Right Way), you would have read the author's personal opinion on Sports Massage on various conditions like  DOMs (or delayed onset on muscle soreness).

We have written on DOMs before. There are actually mixed results on published evidence that sports massage helps with DOMs. For every paper you find that says it helps, there will be a few more that says that the results are not significant.

With regards to blood circulation, there is actually very poor evidence that sports massage increases blood circulation (Wiltshire et al, 2010). This has been confirmed in many other studies as well.

Most beneficial effects seemed to be increased perceptions of recovery and increase in psychological well being.


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