Saturday, June 6, 2020

This Is What Our Physiotherapists Can Do

2:08 pm - wearing socks
Here's a patient I saw this past Thursday in our clinic. He was complaining of right sided low back pain after sitting at home all day long during the circuit breaker working on his laptop. You can see from the picture above that the picture was time stamped at 2:08 pm this past Thursday.

After a quick assessment, I treated his feet. Yes, you read correctly. I didn't go anywhere near his back. Have a look at the picture at 2:31 pm. Since he wasn't a new patient, my receptionist only book a 30 minute follow up session for him. New patients get 60 minutes in our clinics.
2:31 pm - took off socks
You can see he's wearing blue socks in the first picture while I was assessing him. He took off his socks as I was treating his feet. You think his socks caused all the difference? Nah, I was pulling your leg.

Have a closer look when I put the two pictures side by side below. Click on the pictures for a bigger version.
Before and after
How's that after just 23 minutes of treatment (including assessment)? Notice his feet are not pointing outwards as much. His knees are also not as hyper extended. His pelvis is level and and not tilted forward like before. His upper body is more upright with respect to his hip as compared to earlier. And his neck is not poking forward as much with respect to his upper body.

My patient was shocked when I showed him the pictures I posted here. And by the way, his back wasn't hurting anymore when I was done treating his feet.

This is what our physiotherapists in our clinics can do with our hands when we treat patients. Not a chance that video/ tele consults can do this.

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