Saturday, July 14, 2012

KT 3 on 140712

Gino teaching the KT 3 course today @ Progress Healthcare. The participants learnt some new variations
on the Kinesio taping techniques from KT 1 & 2 and some new techniques of course.

Pairing muscle facilitation with space correction in the knee

Brachial plexus taping

Getting ready to tape the sciatic nerve 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kinesio Taping In The News

Kinesio Taping is definitely in the news leading up to the London Olympics. This article appeared in the BBC website yesterday (030712).

Dr Kenso Kase, founder of Kinesio tape was interviewed by Michelle Roberts, Health Editor at BBC News online.

Have a read of the BBC article here.

 *Picture of Mario Barlotelli from Reuters

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 2 Of Kinesio Taping KT 2 on 010712

Day 2 of the Kinesio Taping course means learning 6 different new applications in KT 2. Mechanical correction, Fascia correction, Ligament/ Tendon correction etc.

Some of the students also mentioned they previously learnt some of what they taught were the real techniques from You Tube and other courses which are very different from what they learnt at our courses.

Teaching the Ram's Head
Ram's Head
Lumbar Star
This batch of students also brought along some copy cat (or imitation Kinesio tapes) which again we compared.

Guess which is the real McCoy?

No prizes for guessing which is the superior tape.
The real Kinesio vs the copy cat version