Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Huraches/ Running Sandals From Earth Runners

Here's what arrived in the mail for me today? Yes, A pair of running sandals from Earth Runners.

Otherwise known as huraches. Used to have a pair from Nike years ago, although those were really running shoes called Nike Air Huraches and not sandals like the pair I got today. The Tarahumara Indians will probably wear something similar to this.

Used to have a pair like this

Well, let me do a few runs in them and I'll tell you how they feel, stay tuned.

Another look at my Earth Runners

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Foamy Drinks Makes You Full

Take your pick
Deciding what drink to get at your regular coffee joint? The following published study may help you decide. Milk based foamy drinks make you feel full longer.

The researchers tested three milk-based drinks. One was not whipped (the control drink). Another drink had foam which dissipated within 30 minutes. The third drink had dense foam.

Four hours after consuming the drinks, the subjects reported their hunger levels. The researchers then measured subjects' stomach using an MRI.

The results showed that the dense foam drink remained in the stomach longest compared to the less dense and control drink. Appetite wise, both foamy drinks kept hunger pangs at bay equally well.

Just in case you were wondering, skim milk was used in the above study.


Murray K, Placidi E et al (2015). Aerated Drinks Increase Gastric Volume And Reduce Appetite As Assessed By MRI: A Randomized, Balanced, Crossover Trial. Am J Clin Nutr. 101(2): 270-278. DOI: 10.3945/ajcn.114.096974.

Or you prefer this? 
*Picture by Richard Leong

Friday, May 8, 2015

Enervit Pre Sport

You can probably guess I was a little sceptical about some of the Enervit products I received last week. Not only with regards to the taste, but how effective they were.

Well, I decided to try them out anyway.

Currently, every Tuesday and Thursday I see patients at Physio Solutions. I'll take a bus there and then run home. I brought 2 packets of the Enervit Pre Sport jelly with me to work yesterday. Ate a packet around 1230 pm. The cola taste didn't taste that great though.Was feeling fairly tired (maybe mentally more than physically) after I saw a full load of patients.

Surprise, surprise. Almost immediately after I started running I felt good. Much better actually than I felt when I ran home from work before. I've been running home from Physio Solutions for almost a year now.

I don't keep a training log anymore - not since I stopped racing anyway. But I do still remember the timings I usually take for my run home. Usually varies between 36-39 minutes. My run yesterday was my 2nd fastest since I'd been running home from May last year.

Now, I thought a lot about it before I decided to write this post. I do not want to be seen "promoting" Enervit products just because I got them free.

In my run home yesterday, I kept everything else consistent, running shoes, running attire, music etc. The only difference was I consumed a packet of Enervit Pre Sport about 4 hours before my run. I had a fairly decent run, timing was good and the run felt pretty effortless. Could it really be attributed to the Enervit Pre Sport?

Well, I'll have to try it again next week......

I'll also try the Enervitene Sport Competition gel on this Saturday's bike ride too.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Along Came Enervit .....

My stash from Enervit
What a nice and unexpected coincidence. Just when I wrote 2 weeks ago that I preferred real food options to gels, along came Enervit to give me some of their samples to try. Probably to prove me wrong about how they taste too.

Owned and made in Italy (the owner has a pharmaceutical background), Enervit is famous for its Sports supplements and nutrition.

I've got Enervit Pre Sport jelly, GT Sport tablets (energy tablet with vitamins), G Sport Competition (the name's funky, but it's for drinking during training/ racing and not what you think) and Enervitene Sport Competition gels (contains caffeine for use during training and competition). 

Hey, I don't race anymore. Well, I guess they'll come in handy on my weekly long rides then. Please look at Enervit's Facebook page for more information

Speaking of riding, I just got a brand new pair of Specialized S-Works road cycling shoe to try too. Nice, very nice. 
S-Works Road
A big thank you to Enervit and Specialized.