Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2:03:02 Hours In 2011 Boston Marathon

A super fast time in the 2011 Boston marathon of 2:03:02 hrs by Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya. This is by far the fastest time ever ran in the marathon, faster than the 2:03:59 hrs by Halle Gebreselassie in Berlin. But it will not be recognized as the world record because it is a point-to-point course (IAAF does not certify Boston as a record quality course) and course is mainly downhill in the latter stages.

The first 10k was covered in an amazing 29:06 min, projecting 2:02:47, but they slowed a little in the middle.

The 10km stretch between 30-40 km was covered in 28:25 min.....

Have a look at the splits below

Distance    Time   Interval    Interval           Projected 
                                         Time          Pace                    Time
     5            14:29            14:29            2:54                    2:02:23
    10           29:08            14:37           2:55                    2:02:47
    15           43:45            14:39            2:56                    2:03:04
    20           58:43            14:58            3:00                    2:03:53

Halfway    1:01:57                                                         2:03:54

  25             1:13:16          14:33          2:55                    2:03:40
  30             1:28:23          15:07         3:01                    2:04:19
  35             1:42:35          14:12          2:50                    2:03:40
  40             1:56:48          14:13          2:51                    2:03:13

Finish        2:03:02

*Picture from Runners World

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bike Lanes War

The picture above shows a battle being waged on the roads in New York City over its bike lanes.

On one side are those who want bike lanes in order to have a healthy lifestyle while being able to share the road equally.

Those against the bike lanes want their cars to own the road. They probably want to use as little energy as possible to get from one place to another. And I guess they just don't wanna support a city designed to help its inhabitants exercise while commuting.

Well, at least NYC has bike lanes. When do we get ours in Singapore?

I've been riding to school, training and work etc since I was sixteen. Dunno if we'll ever get bike lanes here.

*Picture and article from here.