Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Patient Made It To The Top Of Mount Everest

My patient Rob first came to see in to see me January this year needing help with his neck and knee pain as he was preparing to summit Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world after missing the summit in his first attempt last year. 

Rob has reached the top of each of the highest mountains in six other continents and just "needed" Everest to complete his 7 summits collection. He made it on May 13 this year. He came to see me today and shared his photos. 

You da man, Rob.
Route to Everest
Ladder crossing
View of Lhotse- 8500m
South Summit

Top of the world

Monday, June 20, 2011

What Does Lady Gaga Have In Common With Tennis In Wimbledon?

What does Lady Gaga have to do with tennis at Wimbledon? Well, Bethanie Mattek-Sands is ranked just behind Venus Williams, but she seems to have surpass Venus in terms of outrageous outfits at last Thursday's night Wimbledon players' party. Her dress is designed by Lady Gaga's designer Alex Noble.

Venus showed up for her 1st round match in a tiny play-suit with golden hot pants and proceeded to quickly dismiss her her opponent Uzbekistan's Akgul Amanuradova 6-3, 6-1.

Well, I'll be following the results more than the fashion.

Nicolas Mahut and John Isner are drawn to meet each other in the first round again for a second straight after last year's incredible first round duel that spanned 3 days and finished 70-68 in the fifth set breaking multiple records with Isner prevailing.

*Pictures from Getty Images, EPA & Reuters

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Running Shoes For Our Defence Forces

In today's Straits Times (180611 on page B1), it is reported that our soldiers, navy and air force serviceman will all be getting new Asics running shoes. It has been reported that Asics was chosen because of its lighter weight, durability and better shock absorbing qualities than the previous Brooks and New Balance models. Selection was done  after trials done by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and its fitness and medical sections.

The podiatrist interviewed in the article was also quoted as saying that the models provided will be "customising the shoes to the individual's feet, forestalling tendonitis and heel pain".

As written in a previous post, there is almost no correlation between wearing proper running shoes and avoiding injuries. Read more here.

If you have been reading our blog, you woulkd have read that Sports Solutions has written on this since 2009 when researchers concluded in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that sports medicine specialists should stop recommending shoe's based on a person's foot type as there is no evidence supporting it

Despite no credible evidence by researchers mentioned in their paper, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), the New Zealand Society of Podiatrists (PNZ) and the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) all endorse shoes by Asics. In fact, all the reccommendations made SMA, PNZ and the FIMS are because of sponsorship arrangements (Richards et al, 2009).  Is our SAF going the same way?

I have nothing against Asics, in fact I wore them when I started running a long time ago (my first coach recommended them). I sincerely hope that our SAF servicemen's injury rate will be reduced, let's see what happens. If only they know pain free running.

I have all 3 articles, email me if you want a copy.

*Picture from Mindef


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sole Therapy?

Also known as zone therapy, reflexology was "founded" by a Connecticut based ENT (ear, nose & throat) doctor William H Fitzgerald (1872-1942) so writes the author in yesterday's Straits Times (Solely Therapeutic, June 11 page A37).

His "work" was further expanded upon by an American physiotherapist Eunice D Ingham (1899-1974) who came up with the sole maps you will now see posted on the walls of reflexology shops. (I never knew this!)

The theory behind reflexology is that good health supposedly depends on good energy flow in the body. During illness, energy flow to a particular zone is disrupted and hence alters the proper functioning of organs in that zone. This shows up as tender spots on the the sole where affected organs are mapped. One can then "treat" virtually any organ since they are found easily on one's sole.

There seems to be no evidence behind reflexology though, as randomized controlled trials done on headaches, asthma, dementia, diabetes, foot swelling in pregnant women, headaches, post surgical pain, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, menopausal symptoms and the common low back pain were all found to be ineffective.


Ernst E (2009). Is Reflexology An Effective Intervention? A Systematic Review Of Randomised Controlled Trials. MJA 191(5): 263-266.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kinesio Tape in Today's Straits Times (080611)

Those of you who attended the Kinesio Taping Level 1 & 2 course over the weekend will recognize the Kinesio Taping on the athlete (Straits Times page B15 under the Sports section), and how the taping can be improved.

Well, I treated the athlete and corrected his taping, he will definitely be well to swim in the SEA Games trials next week.

All the best for your trials.

* Picture from RN

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today Paper Article Quoted In Runner's World Website

Yesterday I saw the article in the "Voices" section  in page 20 of the "Today" newspaper and didn't think that much of it until I saw the same article quoted this morning in the Runners World website.

A cyclist (not a local Singaporean but an expatriate who formerly lived in Holland) was riding home from work on the bike section along Bedok canal was punched in the face by a jogger running in the designated cycling section. The cyclist was writing in to share his experience after a previous writer wrote in about another "road rage" incident regarding a cyclist.

Personally, I get fairly upset when any cyclist coming up behind me rings the bell when I'm walking along any pedestrian walkway. Pedestrians have the right of way in any pedestrian walkway. I usually don't give way unless the cyclist ask politely.

Now while I ride to work daily, I am always riding on the road and I never go on to any pedestrian foot paths. If I have to ride on any pedestrian walkway for whatever reason, I always give way to the pedestrians, but that's me.

Have a look at the Runner's world article here http://rwdaily.runnersworld.com/2011/06/note-to-self-avoid-the-bedok-canal-bike-path-wherever-that-is.html.

*Picture from Runner's World

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kinesio Taping Level 1 & 2 Course

Gino Spent the last 2 days over the weekend teaching Kinesio Taping Level 1 and 2 at Progress Healthcare Pte Ltd (the Kinesio tape distributor).

The next course will be KT 3 in October this year while and the KT 1 &2 will probably be in November. Stay tuned for more details.