Thursday, October 31, 2019

Never Give Up!

Chapeau to  Ronald Susilo. This guy just keeps on going and going. After suffering many potential badminton career ending injuries while at the top of his game, he has always managed to bounce back.

After winning the Japan Open Grand Prix and then beating World Number One Lin Dan at the 2004 Athens Olympics with a torn shoulder labrum, he went under the knife.

More heartbreak followed after coming back from that when he tore his achilles tendon at the World Badminton Championships in 2005.

Yet he persisted. Tragedy again at the 2007 Sea Games when he tore his right forearm muscles playing against Vietnam. Again he managed to bounce back and we went to our second consecutive Olympics together in Beijing in 2008.

His wife sent him to Sports Solutions in this 
Even after retiring from national duty, he kept playing after he started coaching. And subsequently ruptured his patella tendon while tearing his ACL and medial meniscus at the same time. He needed 2 operations after this. Attaching the patella tendon first before repairing the ACL almost a year later.

And now this right shoulder again .....

Well, Ronald we've done this together too many times before. But I know you'll be back once more. You can do this!! Want to be a champion? Passion for the sport and persistence is what you'll need. Lots of it.

In the picture below, you see me celebrating and more excited than Ronald Susilo himself after he defeated Lin Dan in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Yes, I used to sit on court with him and his coach every time he played.

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