Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Head, Neck And Jaw

Taking turns for a quick assessment
After Aized last week, yours truly attended the Head, Neck and Jaw course yesterday and today. This is the next course offered after we did the Shoulders and Arms course earlier in April this year.

Wow, time really flies, it's already October today.
It was a really interesting course looking at everyone's head, neck and into their mouths. Yes, you read correctly, we got to stick our fingers inside each other's mouths.
All five different necks
We learnt about the Masseter and Temporalis which are on our face and skull, we also learnt how to treat the Medial and Lateral terygoids, which are inside our mouths and how they connect to the neck.

Showing me my Lateral Pterygoids
Yes, we got right into each other's mouths.
Medial , Lateral Pterygoids
Back to work tomorrow. And if you need to get your head, neck or jaw treated .....

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