Friday, September 8, 2017

Lumbar Spondylolisthesis But No Real Deficits So Far

Have a look at the MRI and you can see a very obvious spondylolisthesis in my 38 year old patient's lumbar spine at the L5-S1 area. The last time I saw one so obvious was when I was working at the Singapore Sports Institute in a young gymnast in 2001.

Spondylolisthelis is a condition in which one vertebra slides forward over the vertebra below it. In simple terms, it means that there is a forward slip of one vertebra relative to another.

From what my patient says, there wasn't any traumatic incidents. He complains of lumbar area aches in the past year.  Often there is discomfort over his L buttock and tightness down his L outer thigh at the end of the day. He is still able to exercise including running and playing football. Other than that he hardly has any other symptoms.

His surgeon has suggested surgical intervention to stabilize his spine at the end of next month. Looks like lots of rehab after surgery.

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