Saturday, September 16, 2017

Today's Straits Times Article On Hydration

Straits Times article 160917 page C13 under Sport section
Every morning when I pick up the newspapers, I'll usually turn to the sports section first. Today, I happened to look at the article on the training plan for those planning to run the Singapore marathon at the end of the year. "Right hydration integral to a successful race". I thought the article was well written. Fairly straight forward and simple to understand. Also mentioned that over drinking water can lead to hyponatremia.

Wrote about sports drinks. Though you need to know that sports drinks cannot replace or even maintain your sodium levels during exercise or racing.

Just wanted to point out that the two percent loss of body weight (through sweating) during endurance exercise/ racing affecting your performance may not be totally accurate.

I wrote about it before earlier in the year that latest published research suggest that current hydration guidelines may well be wrong.

Two published studies on cyclists and elite male marathoners (including Haile Gabreselassie during 13 major city marathons) showed that weight loss up to three percent did not slow the runners down nor decreased the cyclist's power output.

In fact Gabreselassie lost 9.8 percent of his body weight during the 2009 Dubai marathon and still won the race in 2:05:29 hours! All drinking by the elite runners were ad libitm (or at their own time and pleasure).

Yes I do agree that the quoted study was done on elite runners. How does that apply to us in super humid and sunny Singapore?

My own thoughts are that the sports drink companies definitely recommend us to drink to much. I wrote before that I definitely drink less than my fellow team mates and competitors. From the time I started running cross country as a twelve year old kid to when I was racing triathlons. Even now during my weekly group bike ride. Most of the other cyclists carry two or more water bottles while I survive the three hour ride on one.

In fact I often had a side stitch after drinking while running cross country as a kid. That also deterred me from drinking too much then.

Of course this does not mean you try not to drink at all in your next long run/ ride and especially your next race. What I'm suggesting is that you at least give it a try in your next few long bike or run sessions.  Everyone is different. Try to get through those long sessions drinking as little as you can. You might be pleasantly surprised that you may not need as much fluid as you think.


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Wall BA, Watson G et al (2015). Current Hydration Guidelines Are Erroneus: Dehydration Does Not Impair Performance In The Heat. BJSM. 49(16): 1077-1083.

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