Saturday, November 27, 2021

Thankful For Accidents

Talking to my boys at the hospital
I definitely had my fair share of accidents, actually 2 major ones I will never ever forget. I'm sure you know and remember yours. When you slipped and grazed your knees or broke a bone. Or that illness that took a long time to get better. It could also be a job or a gig that you failed to land.

Then there are the positive 'accidents' too, too many that we often forget to mention. A friendly smile or nod from a fellow runner or cyclist. A kind act from a stranger who happened to be passing by.

I am thankful to be born here. To be surrounded by family and friends and to be given opportunities that many others never even dreamed of. And from those opportunities given, the belief that we have in others and efforts that enabled results. 

To be able to read, to talk and to connect. To have others give us the benefit of the doubt. To be able to smile at times, and the chance to contribute towards our community.

With 2002 Commonwealth Games silver medalist, Patrick Lau
So many things to be thankful for. I am very thankful I met up with a old patient (pictured above) and friend yesterday. I am also thankful that many old friends and newer friends and patients who have reached out to me after my recent accident. Some of these friends met by chance or accident. 

Not many of us celebrate Thanksgiving in Singapore. I definitely have many things to be thankful for, my wifefamily and friends for sure. Accidents included. 

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