Thursday, November 18, 2021

11 Weeks After His Accident

His shirt says 'Rather be riding'

t almost 11 weeks post spinal fracture after a cycling accident, we find ourselves back in Prof Hee's clinic. Today we compared his MRI films from the day of his accident with the imaging done after 10 weeks of healing. It's 60% healed, which is great for his age and fitness level. 

But Gino being Gino, is raring to go and felt a little disappointed that he can only return to work gradually at the end of November. To maintain his fitness, he is allowed only intermittent running with brisk walking, light weight training and cycling on his stationary bike. I thought that was great news! 

But looking at his face a few hours after the appointment with his doc, I could see that he was trying to wrap his head around the fact that he wasn't closer to full healing. It is tough being a patient, waiting for our bodies to take the time it needs to heal fully. I guess that's why we're called patients when we seek treatment!

I know that he's grateful to be well and have the chance to return to work soon, but it takes time to accept that his body doesn't heal as quickly as he wants or needs to. He has done the best that he possibly could be done in terms of healing, now the hard part .. to wait.


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