Sunday, June 2, 2019

Change The Arms, Change The Neck

First assessment
Here's another patient who came in to our clinic complaining of neck pain, tingling, and sensations of electric currents/ pins and needles, down his left arm.

This patient works as an electrician and often has to be in awkward positions running electrical wires. He feels worse after prolonged time spent looking upwards - mostly due to running ceiling electrical wires.

He was referred to our clinic by another friend who had seen us and gotten better without needing surgery as suggesting by his surgeon.

Just like the other lady who had neck pain, I didn't treat his neck. Just treated his arms and shoulder girdle.

Have a look at the picture after treatment.
After treatment
You can see quite an dramatic change not only in his neck but in his rib cage and hips too. Even his nephew who came with him was amazed at the change.
Before and after
Have a look when I put both pictures together above. Quite a big difference? All done in less than an hour.

What did I do? No mobilizations or manipulations of the thoracic and cervical spine at all. Just treating the arm lines as seen in the picture below except for levator scapulae. Left that out as I wanted to "exclude" the neck.
Superficial and deep back, front arm lines

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