Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Never Late To

...... start exercising that is.
Picture by Brian Dees from flickr.com
After my bike accident, I went to the pool 4-5 times a week for rehab rehab. There was this older gentlemen (I think he's at least 70) that I saw frequently. He would cycle to the pool and swim lots of laps. He looked really strong and I remember saying to myself that I would like to be strong and healthy like him when I get to his age.

Well I guess research is good at confirming what I believe this older gentleman is.

British researchers studied 3454 adults over 8 years who were healthy and disease free at the start of the study. Their average age at the start of the study was 63.7 years young.

The adults were considered healthy if they did not develop any major chronic diseases, depressive symptoms or any physical or cognitive impairment during the 8 years of the study.

19.3% (or almost a fifth) made it to the final follow-up healthy. Those who exercised moderately or vigorously at least once a week were on average 2.67 and 3,53 times more likely to experience healthy ageing compared t those who were inactive.

What's more amazing was that those who had only become physically active during the study had a higher likelihood of experiencing healthy ageing than those who did not.

The researchers concluded that significant health benefits were even seen among participants who became physically active relatively late in life.

Today's the last day of the year and tomorrow is a brand new year. It's a good time for you to start exercising regardless of whether you are young or old.


Hamer M, Laviole KL et al (2013). Taking Up Physical Activity In Later Life And Healthy Ageing: The English Longitudinal Study Of Ageing. BJSM. doi:10.1126/bjsports-2013-092993.

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