Saturday, November 9, 2013

Introduction To Kinesio Taping @ Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Almost immediately after arriving in KL yesterday afternoon, I was whisked away to Tunku Abdul Rahman University Colleague by Yannie (who had attended a previous Kinesio Taping Level 1, 2 course and our Sports Massage course)  to do the Introduction to Kinesio Taping to some of the students there. Her friends and classmates had heard a lot about Kinesio Taping and wanted to find out more.

There was a big crowd waiting for me, more than 60 plus students plus some members of the public.
Most in the crowd knew anatomy so we could get into the practical real quick.

 Here are some of the pictures from the workshop.

Explaining the weave and the wave
Sharing one many laughs with the group
Prior to the session, one of the students had been taped by her physiotherapist using copy cat tapes. I assessed her with the copycat tape, removed the copy cat and tape reassessed her before putting the original Kinesio Tex tape (in picture below).

Elaine in her best Cleopatra pose
Well Yannie didn't take a great photo of Elaine after I retaped her with Kinesio tape, but the end result was totally different to say the least.

Final touch up for Elaine's taping

Who's causing a commotion....

I had a really great time with the students and shared many laughs with them, looking forward to teaching there again.

A big thank you to Yannie, Melodie, Windson and Steve for assisting me and to Miss Ler for letting me give a show and tell to the students.

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