Sunday, September 1, 2013

How Can the Imitation/ Copy Cat Tapes Compete?

The participants had a lot of fun on the second day of the Kinesio Taping course today. Unlike KT 1 on day one, which covered different muscle facilitation and inhibitory techniques, they learnt six different corrective techniques in KT 2

Janell in action
Hey, is that Superman's knee?
Fabian William deciding if Vanessa or Lisa can tape better
Like some of our previous participants, some of the current participants have actually attended other imitation/ copy cat tape such as Acti-tape. Kinesiology and Rock tape etc courses. Of course they were not impressed and were advised to attend Kinesio Taping courses - the original tape founded since 1979 and the real deal.

Kinesio Taping's KT 1,2 courses are held over 2 full days or 16 hours of contact time. Imitation/ copy cat tape courses are usually just half a day long. 4 hours versus 16, there is no comparison at all.

Kinesio Taping KT Level 1,2 and 3 course are the only taping courses that award recognized CME (continuing medical education) points for medical professionals who must attain a certain number of points to allow them to work with a valid license in Singapore. None of the other imitation /copy cat tape courses award CME points.

Now you know. So make sure the person treating you is trained and not using imitation or copy cat tapes.

Here are more pictures from Day 2 of the course.

Wileen under pressure
Dalong caught trying to take upskirt pictures

Class picture

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