Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pilatique Host Introduction To Kinesio Taping Workshop

Dean building his Lego
While my son was having fun, I was doing another Introduction to Kinesio Taping workshop in KL, this time at Pilatique. Their branch in Singapore is just behind Sports Solutions in Gemmil Lane. I had met Steven previously and he kindly agreed to let me use his studio in KL to do the workshop.

Steven and Melissa have much experience running their Stott Pilates courses both in Malaysia and Singapore and they managed to organize this really well given this was a very last minute request for them to host the workshop.

Why was this a last minute workshop? Some of you who've attended the workshop today and yesterday and will know why but for now I'll leave that story for another time....

Here are some pictures that Steven took while I was teaching.

Getting started at Pilatique - nice venue
All ears
Getting Kevin involved
Another pregnant mummy
A big thank you once again to Steven and Melissa for letting me use their Pilatique studio in KL. For more pictures have a look here.

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