Sunday, October 29, 2023

Rob It To Get It Free

What if you could go to a running store, pick something you like and run away with it free? No, I am definitely not suggesting that you shoplift from a running store. 

This promotion is exactly what a running store in Paris came up with last month to steal whatever you want. The catch is you will have to outrun the store's security guard, who happens to be Meba Mickael Zeze. 

Zeze happens to be a two time Olympian, who can run the 100m in 9.99 seconds and the 200m in 19.97 seconds!

Zeze had as much fun as the participants, looking at the video. He said the job reminded him of playing tag as a child, adding that he needed only a third of his top speed to catch most of the 'thieves'.

Only 2 managed to evade him, most probably as a result of Zeze having to run all day.

Distance Paris was super happy with the result despite losing 2 out of 76 attempts to 'thieves', so much so that it was turned into an video (see below).

This is a super clever idea by Distance Paris and it definitely gave them a lot of eyeballs. Any running store in Singapore willing to try this? 

Perhaps Shanti Pereira can be the security guard.

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