Sunday, June 28, 2020

My Patient Had Myositis Ossificans

I had a patient who came in recently with Myositis Ossificans. Myositis Ossificans is a condition where there is formation of bone inside a muscle, other soft tissue or around a joint after an injury. It is more common in younger patients and athletes after a traumatic injury such as receiving a hard kick while playing football.

It can also happen where there is a repetitive injury to the same area, such as my left elbow joint area (more on this later).

Regardless of what caused it, Myositis Ossificans happens when there is an 'error' in the body's healing process. This occurs after fibroblasts (or muscle cells) are accidentally replaced by immature bone cells at the injury site.

This causes a hard lump to develop within the muscle. It starts off as a gradual process and begins shortly after the initial injury.

Unlike other common muscle strains or injuries, patients with Myositis Ossificans will find that their pain worsens as time goes by instead of getting better. The muscle /injured area feels warm, often has a decrease in range of motion, swelling and a obvious lump or bump.

This patient received a big knock on the thigh after an accidental collision while cycling. It was initially thought of as a deep muscle bruise. But when the pain and swelling did not subside, the patient's parents consulted me and I immediately suspected Myositis Ossificans after hearing the history and feeling the 'lump' in the patient's thigh. This was later confirmed by an ultrasound scan by a doctor.
Carrying angle on the left is altered
I, too had Myositis Ossificans in my left elbow. This occurred back in 1994 after I fell repeatedly on my left elbow while cycling.

I had exactly the same signs and symptoms described above. If you look at my left elbow now, it's still looks mildly swollen and a little 'deformed' compared to the right. My left elbow's carrying angle has also been altered.

I can't straighten my left elbow fully (lacking the last 2-3 degrees) compared to my right. Other than that it does not really bother me at all.

It's not difficult to treat once you know what it is and especially if you seek treatment early. Otherwise you may end up with a slightly 'deformed' elbow like mine. Just purely cosmetic, no real deficits.


Rossetini G, Ristori D et al (2018). Myositis Ossificans: Delayed Complicatio Of Severe Muscle Contusion. JOSPT. 48(5): 348-427. DOI: 10.2519/jospt.2018.7567

See the 'lump' near top of picture

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  1. As advised by the experts the early stage of the diagnosis will give good results, people have some myths regarding sprains and strains... They themselves treat with massages, oil applications, vigorous movements, twisting joints and produce cracked sounds at joints... These may land up into untuntreble condition s like Myositis Ossificans.

    So fallow the experts advice...

    Thanking you.