Friday, November 29, 2019

Lunch With The Team

Sham is right behind
Staff from our clinics came together for lunch today at Real Food at Orchard Central today. It was great to be able to see everybody at the same time, catch up, share stories and of course talk in front of the bosses (rather than just talking behind their backs). Just kidding!

Some were late, others got lost finding their way while some others weren't sure what to order at this vegan/ vegetarian restaurant. But somehow we all managed. Since my accidentAized has been super careful about what we eat. So no surprises that she chose this place.

While waiting for everyone, we took some pictures first of course.
Romaiza early for once ....
We're always early
Incidentally, this lunch doubles up to celebrate Sports Solutions turning 10 earlier in October this year as well.

Thanks to everyone who came and for those who couldn't make it, hope you can make it the next time. Have a great remaining rest of the year.
No meat!

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