Wednesday, August 1, 2018

PS Sim - Winner Of The Cameron Ultra-Trail 100 Km Race

Picture from PS Sim
PS kindly agreed to not remain anonymous anymore so I can finally write here that she is the runner who won the Cameron Ultra-Train 100 km race despite having plantar fasciitis (for the past six months at least). She came back to our clinic today to allow me to finish assessing her and treat the cause of her pain.

Actually, after my previous post, I've had questions from some readers already asking me what I did for PS and her plantar fasciitis.

Here's a summary of what I did for those asking. No ultrasound, no ESWT (shock wave) needed, no orthotics and no other gimmicks.

Just plain old accurate body reading and thorough assessment after the body reading pointed to clues around her hips being one of the main reasons to her pain in her plantar fascia. Other contributing factors also suggest that changing shoes and her foot type may have triggered it.

So, of course I started treating her hip first and also taught her what to do to prevent it from recurring. She needs to work at this still for the time being.

 I wrote in my last session with her that I only had time to treat parts of her foot along her Superficial Back Line (SBL) and The Spiral Line.
Superficial Back Line

I did more work on her SBL and also treated fascia along her Superficial Front Line today. After that I had to change her pelvic rotation and suggested she may want to try taping her foot (in case she was planning on starting training again).

Happy to discuss if anyone has questions.
Spiral Line
Congrats to PS once again for a race well won and to Melvin for winning PS.

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