Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Fans Of The Hip

That's us - fans of learning, lifelong learning
We've done the basic Anatomy Trains course followed by the Arches And Legs and the next follow up course is the Fans Of The Hip course which we're doing currently.

Yes, that's the title of the latest course Reggie, Ting Jun and I are attending. But I'd like to say that we (staff at Physio and Sports Solutions) are fans of learning too. Yes, we are always striving to be better physiotherapists so we can get better at treating our patients.

At lunch, a fellow physiotherapist at the course was asking me why I wasn't  "growing" or opening more clinics. He mentioned that "lots of people" would want to partner us to have more clinics. To which I said we do not wish to be the biggest (physiotherapy chain of clinics), we just want to be the best at treating the cause of  your pain. That's why we keep learning.

Fans of the hip 
The lecturer did a great job explaining how the sacrum sits between the 2 hip bones

Ting Jun is the sacrum sitting between Derek and I (the 2 hip bones) in the picture below. For example if I shift forwards and Derek goes back (to simulate forward and posterior tilt in the pelvis) Ting Jun (the sacrum) will really feel unstable.

See the apprehension in her face
Last day of the course today. Back to work tomorrow.

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