Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Patient Has Neck Pain, But I Treated Her Leg

Last year I wrote about how your hips are connected to your shoulder, which turned out to be a really popular post.

Well, today I had a patient who told me she had neck pain as well. This was after I treated her for her plantar fasciitis problem and knee pain. I had only 2 mins left before my next patient. Here's a screen shot of the video I took before I treated her neck pain.
Before -12:58 pm
Here's the before video.

After treatment at 1:05 pm. Here's the screen shot of the video after at 1:05 pm.

After - 1:05 pm
Believe it or not I treated her leg, yes you read correctly. Watch the video how her neck range changed, without me going near her neck at all.

Many thanks to my patient for allowing me to post the images and videos.

Want to know what I treated? Here's a clue, look at the picture below.


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