Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hey, Isn't That Alfred Sim (Project SuperStar Winner) At The Floss Band Course Today?

Flossing Alfred Sim's shoulder
Yes, it is Alfred Sim (Season 3 Project SuperStar winner) at the Floss band course at Sports Solutions  today. I had treated Alfred when he was a much younger sprinter years ago when I used to work at the Singapore Sports Council (now known as Singapore Sports Institute). I never knew Alfred was into singing and acting.

Other than Alfred, I also met other old friends, ex colleagues and participants from other courses I've taught.

Telling the class I've got fewer than 3 white hairs ...
As usual, once the theory component was done and dusted, the practical was underway.

Hey Liam, look at Cedric (in white) not Maire
Flossing Maire's lumbar spine
Sharon elbowing Bijun in the face ....
A big thank you to all who came today, it was nice seeing familiar faces in the class, occupational therapist Sharon Seah, KTP hospital Principal Physiotherapist Bijun, Kit Ping my ex colleague from SSC and Alfred Sim of course.

Kudos the Jane, Danny, Amy, Carol for coming early and setting up the place while I was still treating patients. Chapeau to them. Please contact them at Sanctband Singapore if you wish to attend the course or get the Floss bands.

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