Saturday, May 14, 2016

Super Full (Again) Today Despite The Heavy Storm

Are we starting yet?
Despite the very heavy downpour this afternoon, we had a super full crowd today. Normal enrolment for the course is 20 participants, we had close to 30 today. Some were late perhaps due to the heavy rain but we soon got the bands rolling ..... Pardon the pun.

Other than members of the public, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, cross fitters, this time there were quite a few Physiotherapists from hospitals and private practices too.

There were some new slides presented today and those who attended the earlier two sessions can look them from up Prezi if they wish.

Once the theory part was out of the way, the practical started.
Lucie from In Touch Physio 
Lingo flossing Terence's wrist
Here's how I will floss Terence's wrist
Hmm Amos looks sceptical ....
Let's do the twist
Is that a smile from Terence?
Thank you to Amy and Danny for setting up everything despite the heavy rain and to Jane (who came from another event) for organizing the course. Next course will be on 9/7/16. Please contact Sanctband Singapore if you're keen to attend.

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