Saturday, September 26, 2015

Treating Bertrand's Hip Made His Shoulder Better

Other than treating patients, I like teaching too (sometimes). To make sure I can answer all the questions I get, I need to put in extra effort to keep myself updated and it keeps me on my toes. I always like to keep improving myself.

Now that I probably cannot become a better athlete, I channel my energy to try to make my patients better quicker. I want to teach better too, plus I get to meet course participants in the process.

Spending time explaining biotensegrity
And we do have foreign participants as well from Indonesia (Sports doctor) and from Malaysia of course. Even Elaine from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College who previously attended my Introduction to Kinesio Taping course in Malaysia came for this course.

Elaine in her Cleopatra pose today
Check this out, I found a picture of Elaine from nearly two years ago when I taught the Introduction to Kinesio Taping course in Malaysia.

Here's Elaine in the same pose in KL in November 2013
Here's the practical that threw everyone off. After explaining "biotensegrity" and the "onion tree" model, I demonstrated how treating Betrand's hip made his shoulder better????

Taping Bertrand's hip
And making his shoulder better
Stay tuned for tomorrow's KT 2.

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