Friday, June 28, 2013

Oakley Radar Lock

My new Oakley Radar Lock
I received an early incentive to get better quickly so I can ride my bike and run again after my bike accident.

I got a present today - The Oakley Radar Lock, thanks to Oakley Singapore (many thanks to Joey). The Radar Lock was actually released last year, however I only got mine today. Oakley thought I already received one, but I haven't. Well, better late than never.

Given that I've only worn it walking to the bank and supermarket today and not while cycling/running, this is not exactly a fair review.

Here are my first impressions. The nose piece seems to be slightly smaller but the fit seems to be slightly more snug compared to the Radar. Smaller should also mean less visible while cycling/ running - I'll verify this after I am able to get on my bike and ride and also after running again.
Here's another look
The biggest difference from the Radar is of course the ease of changing your lenses. There's a pull back catch on the inside of the left ear stem which releases the lens easily, no need to "yank" the lens out when you want to change your lenses.

 The ear pieces are also slimmer than the Radar's and seemed more like the Jawbone's. As with all other Oakley sunglasses, the peripheral vision is excellent and I'm sure my vented lenses will help prevent fogging.

Hmmm, now when did my doctor say I can get back on my bike again?

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