Friday, June 7, 2013

Down But Definitely Not Out

Down but not out
I only managed to catch the last quarter of the 2013 NBA finals Game 1 this morning. It was a real cracker to say the least, especially Tony Parker during the closing moments of the game.

Now, I wasn't a big fan of Tony Parker or the San Antonio Spurs (or coach Gregg Popovich - I'm a big fan of Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan) previously, but now Parker is definitely my favourite player in this finals.

Let me try and describe what happened in the last 31.3 seconds of the game. Parker tried to run the clock down so as to leave as little time as possible for Miami while giving his side a chance to extend their lead. He almost lost the ball a few times, then he slipped and went on one knee on the court (picture above).

He managed to keep the ball, eluded Lebron James' defences and even managed to double-pump the ball and released his shot just as the clock ran out. Multiple replays were needed to show that he got his shot off before the shot clock expired.

Got his shot off before clock expired
Now this is despite home ground advantage for Miami, losing control of the ball, swarmed by Lebron James (who's in the All-Defensive First Team), shot clock below a second to expiry and Parker still managed to bank his shot in. Chapeau to Tony Parker.

Now, that is perseverance and persistence in the highest order. Something for me to remember and follow as I am recovering from my accident.

Something for you to think about after your injury or rehabilitation after surgery.If you work at it, you'll definitely get better. And we'll be helping you at Physio and Sports Solutions.

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