Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pregnant Mum Comes To Kinesio Taping Course

We have a pregnant mummy coming to our Kinesio Taping KT 1,2 course over the last 2 days. Now, not just any pregnant mummy, Li Ting is a postgrad trained physiotherapist (who came along with hubby Mathias- also a postgrad trained physiotherapist).

Li Ting and Mathias sharing thoughts on Mechanical Correction
Giving mummy Li Ting a rest while modifying the taping technique
After some revision in the morning (for yesterday's KT 1), the participants proceeded to learn six Corrective Techniques for KT 2.
Abdulla, one of the participants who flew in for the course specially from Maldives showing the class his version of how he kicks....

Edmund wondering .....
Hey, take a photo of my button hole cut 
Jason explaining how black and blue go together
Let's see who can do this better
Class photo
A big thank you to all the participants. Next Kinesio Taping Level 1 and 2 course will be held on June 22-23 at Progress Healthcare.

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  1. Very inspiring mom! I want to learn how to tape this kinesio properly for injuries. Thank you for posting this.

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  2. it's really good for them healthy and fit mom means healthy and fit baby :)

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