Saturday, March 16, 2013

Guess Who Dropped By During Kinesio Taping KT Level 1 On 160313?

We had our first Kinesio Taping KT Level 1 and 2 course of the year in Singapore today @ Progress Healthcare. We had a great group of participants in this current course. Most were local participants although we had an overseas participant from India.

The boys testing gluteus medius
Taping the Gluteus Medius
Can you guess who else dropped by during the course?
Guess who showed up near the end of  today?
Yes, you guessed correctly. Ronald Susilo (retired former national shuttler) played in the National Badminton  Championships today. Despite having retired a few years ago, he was still good enough to win his quarter and semi finals today against current national players and qualifies for the finals tomorrow. As a result he needed some help from Gino and Kinesio taping of course. (Dalong was extra happy to have Ronald drop by of course).

Treating Ronald after Kinesio taping
Must be Dalong who was star strucked...... and wanted a picture.

All set for tomorrow's finals
Stay tuned for updates on KT 2 tomorrow.

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