Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reebok's Latest Running Shoe ATV 19+

The ATV 19+
Have a look at Reebok's latest running shoe the ATV 19+. Rather crazy looking the say the least. Reebok is saying that this is their version of an all-terrain athletic running shoe.

In an article in Fast Company, the author writes that the inspiration for the shoe comes from one of those bouncing Reaction balls meant for agility training.
Reaction ball for agility training
Reebok's research team found that the shoe gave its wearers more stability, especially on uneven ground. There are 19 nodes meant to work like large thread tyres digging through the mud to find traction. The nodes in the centre are meant to be run on while the nodes on the side function like training wheels (on a kid's bicycle) to  give stability.

Well, let's hear your comments on the shoe, especially if you've tried it.

*Picture of ATV 19+ from Reebok
*Reaction ball from here.

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