Friday, December 7, 2012

The 100 Best Running Sneakers Of All Time

Came across this report on recently in which the article listed their 100 best running sneakers of all time.

This list will definitely stir up some comments, strong feelings and fond memories for others (including myself). I may not agree with all that is on the list, but that's me.

This list got me thinking of my previous own running shoes. Two of shoes I remember fondly were on the list, the Eagle (please see picture below, although mine was red and white) and the Sock Racer, yes both Nike shoes. As a young runner, I did well enough for Nike to give me shoes then (this was when Nike was brought in to Singapore by sole agent Robertson Wilson). Some of you old enough will remember that.

Nike Eagle, no 47 on the list
No 81 on the list Nike Sock Racer

I even found this Nike Sock Trainer and Sock Racer ad
My favourite racing shoe from Nike was missing from the list though, the Nike Duellist PR. I think I still have my pair from 1989, at my parent's place (hopefully my mum hasn't thrown it away).

Duellist (mine was lime green though)
In recent times though, my favourite running shoe was the pair that Adidas made for me when I went to the 2005 SEA games, racing in the triathlon event. Well,  it was custom made for me.

My own custom made shoes which I used at the SEA Games Triathlon event
How about you? You will probably have your own favourite pair(s). Let me know your views.

*Have a look at the article here.

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