Sunday, December 16, 2012

Final Day of Sports Massage Course 161211

The participants had their written and practical exam today. They all got their certs. Our Sports Massage course was very well received and received rave reviews from participants from the feedback forms we got them to fill out.

One participant who previously attended another sports massage course said our course's  (practical component)  trumps his previous course hands down while another said our anatomy part was "really detailed, useful and in depth yet easily understood (even better than the strength and conditioning course's anatomy) " that he attended in Melbourne.

Well, you have read and seen the pictures of our Sports Massage course, call us to find out more. Next course is 2,3,9 and 10 March 2013.

To all our participants, chapeau! (or hats off) for a job well done. Read more here.


  1. Great participants, great organisation, thanks Gino, Aized and Siew Lian!

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