Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reference For Article On Tapering

I've had quite a few patients and readers as well asking me about the source of the article I quoted in the Straits Times on tapering in the previous post. Well here it is.


Bosquet L, Monpetit J et al (2007). Effects Of Tapering On Performance: A Meta-Analysis. Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise. 39(8): pp 1358-1365.

Email me if you want a copy of the article.


  1. Hi, may I know your opinion on the difference between kinesio tape and KT tape? Is one better than the other?

  2. Kinesio tape is the original tape founded by Dr Kenso Kase.

    KT (which stands for Kinesiology tape) is one of many imitation or copycat tapes founded by Kerry Walsh and her brother-in-law.

    Kerry was the 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medalist for Beach Volleyball. She was using the original Kinesio tape then but later fell out with Kinesio over monetary rewards etc and founded her own KT tapes.

    Hope this helps.