Sunday, May 9, 2010

American Record By A "Fat" White Runner

This has been the most discussed topic for the past 2 weeks in most of the running forums I've read. American Chris Solinsky became the first white and heaviest runner so far, at 73 kg to dip under the 27 minutes barrier for 10000 m on the track.

By running 26:59 mins, Solinsky became the first non African born runner to break the 27:00 barrier, and on his debut race at 10000 m too.

Only 30 other men have run under 27 mins, and Solinsky is 9 kg heavier than the next heaviest.
Consider some of the following most illustrious runners on that list, Haile Gebrselassie at 1.65m and 56kg, Kenenisa Bekele (1.6m/ 54kg), Paul Tergat (1.82m/ 63kg) and Sammy Wanjiru (1.63m/52kg). Until Solinsky (who at 1.85m is the tallest), nobody heavier than 65 kg had run under 27 mins.

Many long distance running aficionados (myself included) were really surprised that someone this "big" could run so well. Most if not all other true elite long distance runners are never this tall nor this heavy. Solinsky is currently the tallest and heaviest (can we call him "fat") sub 27 min 10000 m runner. Prior to Solinsky, Paul Tergat (who on a good day can outrun Gebrselassie) is the next tallest at 1.82m but tip the scales at only 63 kg. Which makes Solinsky's achievement even more remarkable.

So, don't let anyone tell you that you that you are too big or fat or not fast enough. You can prove them (and their stereotypes) wrong. You have to work pretty hard though.

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