Saturday, April 23, 2022

Outrun A Tesla?

One of the books I'm currently reading is an authorized biography of Elon Musk, written by Ashlee Vance. Yes, that Elon Musk, who is CEO of Tesla, Space X and SolarCity. And perhaps Twitter if his attempt to buy the company goes through.

Previously, I wasn't a fan of Elon due to his brashness and controversial behaviour. My views have changed after I started reading this book (pictured below). Coincidently, Musk is also featured in a full page article in today's Sunday Times on page A22.
Naturally, I was curious when I read about ultra runner Robbie Balenger's attempt to run further than a fully charged Tesla Model 3. On a full battery, the Tesla Model 3 would last a little over 242 miles (or 387 km). This is a grueling man versus machine race.

On April 11, Balenger and the Tesla started together 250 miles outside Austin, Texas in USA. The car was driven at a median speed of 65 miles an hour for the duration on a full charge on a remote road. Balenger's goal was to follow the car's route and cover the distance in 72 hours. 

For three days Balenger suffered due to the heat and humidity with temperatures reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit (or 32 degrees Celcius). However he did it! He covered the distance in 76 hours, 54 minutes and 46 seconds, running further than the depleted car by 100 feet. 

The challenge was sponsored by activewear brand, Ten Thousand, as part of the company's Feat of Strength series.

Balenger , a plant-based (or vegan) endurance athlete also holds the former record for running the most laps around New York's Central Park in one day. He ran 16 loops of the 6.1 mile (9.76 km) course, covering 97.5 miles (156.16 km) in March 2021.

He also ran 3,175 miles across the USA in just 75 days in 2019. Amazing! 

Below is a picture of today's Sunday Times article on Elon Musk.

Sunday Times page A22

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