Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Where The Streets Have Allyson Felix

I've written about Allyson Felix before previously and I hope she will still be a force to reckon with at the Tokyo Olympics. Being Nike's poster girl previously, I admired how she spoke up when Nike were unfair to their sponsored pregnant athletes.

As you can see from the article above, she still found a way to train when stadiums were closed during the lockdown after getting her coach to use a measuring wheel to mark out distances "on literally the street in front of her door". 

What a sight it must have been for her neighbors to behold when a six-time Olympic Olympic gold medalist, 13 times World Champion comes sprinting down the road at full speed. Along with her coach yelling encouragement at the top of his voice. 

Instead of complaining about what she can't do, I love the way she and other athletes resorted to unorthodox ways to train so they can be ready to compete when they can. 

I know too, that our Team Singapore athletes have resorted to ingenious ways to train too, chapeau to them. 

Let's see how she fares if the Olympics does go on.

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