Friday, January 1, 2021

Health Trends For 2021

Straits Times 1/1/21

Great suggestion in today's Straits Times article on the back page (B16, under Sports section) where the author suggested having more local running events for women.

I say not just more races for women only, but men and those under 21 too. In a year where most if not all running races were cancelled, runners are starved for social interaction and a chance to clock a personal best time for some or be quick enough for that elusive Boston qualifying (or BQ) time.

Perhaps with the rollout of the vaccines making exercising in enclosed spaces safe again, people may still want to go back to gyms, yoga studios and fitness centers etc.

I'm hope I'm wrong for the sake of those businesses, but I think gyms, yoga, Pilates studios may not be totally out of the woods yet. Bike shops, cheap dumbbells and other home exercise equipment will definitely continue to be in hot demand. Since March 2020, where most the world started lockdowns, too many people have learnt how simple, cheap and safe training at home is. 

I'm predicting that running, cycling, long walks and roller blading will continue to be popular in this new year. Let's all recognize the benefits of our local parks, bike lanes, park connectors and green spaces. All these spaces definitely impact our health.

A lot of us started baking, cooking and even growing our own food since the lockdown. All are healthy trends and may we continue to do that.

Let's continue to support our own local communities, the smaller shops and restaurants as they battle to carry on. We bought all our Christmas and birthday gifts from Everyday Vegan Grocer and Le Matin.

Here's wishing all of you a safe, healthy and wonderful year ahead.

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