Friday, December 18, 2020

Patient Waited 5 Hours For Appointment

Has this happened to you before? The patient above, mentioned that there was a waiting time of about three and five hours respectively during the last two visits to see the eye doctor.

I've had many of my friends and family tell me about the same thing happening to them. Attending a medical appointment would often take up a whole day. 

On a personal note, I remember having to accompany my mother for a doctor's visit and we had to wait for over two hours as well. Such a waste of time.

At our clinics, we promise you will never have to wait more than five minutes. We will try our utmost to see you on time. We never ever book two patients or more for the same slot. 

You will not be attended by a therapy assistant if you're seeing the physiotherapist. We do not employ any therapy assistants in our clinics. If you're seeing us for an hour, you will have our undivided attention. We will not put you on a machine and attend to another patient. 

The first session with us is longer as we take the time to ask questions and assess you thoroughly to find the cause of your problem. We treat the cause of the problem and not just treat your pain. If you get better after one session, we will not ask you to come for another session.  

Rest assured, you would never have to put aside a day to see us for physiotherapy. We respect your time.

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