Sunday, August 4, 2019

Run For The Hills

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I first started running cross country races at Macritchie reservoir when I was twelve. I soon realised that when the going got tough up the slopes, I was able to hang in there with the faster runners and sometimes even gap them. That was a big boost for my confidence as I was just starting to get serious about running then.

So definitely good advice in today's Sunday Times article on running hills for strength to prepare for the 2019 Straits Times run. Running hills are much more "run" specific to get stronger rather than other forms of strength or weight training.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't do weights, I definitely do strength training too.

I've written before on why running hills are important. And the fact that running down slopes does not harm your Achilles tendon.

Personally I like to run hard up slopes for training. Either I'll find a nice gradual incline of about 800 metres to a kilometre long and run repeats up the slope. I usually walk or jog down very slowly to recover.

Or a shorter, steeper slope of about a hundred meters long and run really hard up the slope. Again, I'll normally walk or jog down slowly to recuperate before repeating till I get tired.

New runners please add hills to your training gradually.

Here's the actual article in today's paper. It's on page A22 under the Sports section.

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