Thursday, July 25, 2019

Playing More Sports Beneficial For Young Children - Straits Times Forum Page

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I have written previously that you should not push young athletes to specialize in a single sport too early. It was a very popular article on our blog with many readers asking to share it.

In the article in the forum page today of the Straits Times, scientific studies suggest that children who play multiple sports between six and twelve are much better off. They develop stronger motor control skills, aerobic fitness and confidence.

Children who specialize in a single sport before twelve are more prone to overuse injuries and burnout.

I see many cases like this when the child is trying to get to a school of their choice via the Direct School Admission scheme which allows students to gain direct entry to a secondary school or junior college based on their sporting talents. Children in the Singapore Sports School are particularly prone.

Late specialisation sports includes track and field, badminton, football and basketball. So those of you who have children in these sports please remember not to push them. You can definitely support wholeheartedly them if they are interested.

You read it here first. Have a look the at Straits Time article if you're keen in the Forum section on page B8.

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