Saturday, January 19, 2019

2 Oakley Flight Jackets As Early Chinese New Year Hong Pows

2 pairs of Flight Jackets
My Chinese New Year hong pows came early today. Joey from Oakley sent them personally to Sports Solutions this morning.

Two pairs of Oakley Flight Jackets! A Flight Jacket in Matte Navy and a Flight Jacket Carbon for low light conditions.

Since I just ended work earlier, I haven't worn it for to ride or run of course but what I like from first impressions will be the option to change the ear pieces as they give an extra pair of interchangeable temples.  Great as too long ear pieces sometimes get in the way of helmet fastening/ adjustment straps while riding.
Extra ear pieces to get your preferred length
Other impressions are the lack of a frame at the top of the lens. If you're in a breakaway or doing a time trial on your bike in an aero tuck position, this gives you a better field of vision. Another benefit would be improved air flow to decrease chances of fogging when you're huffing and puffing.

It also means you can't change lenses though. I guess that's why I got two pairs then. Good for me!

My personal observations are after the release of the Radars in 2006, the lenses have started to go downhill. They usually flake or peel off after a while. Hopefully they have improved on that aspect.

My first Oakley Razor Blades and  Blades lenses from 1989 are still in good condition. Yes, this is how long I've used Oakley sunnies.

Perhaps this has to do with Luxottica Group SpA (an Italian company) hostile takeover of the company in late 2007. Yes, Oakley founder Jim Jannard doesn't own the company anymore.

Here's a closer look at the two pairs of Flight Jackets.
Matte Navy

Flight Jacket Carbon

*Rode with the Matte Navy this morning (2/2/19). The lack of a top piece for the frame has made the vision field in front much better. It's unobstructed all the way to your helmet. Peripheral vision is great as always.

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