Friday, November 10, 2017

Like Father Like Daughter

With Mona
Earlier you've read about how I've treated 2 of Singapore's fastest men in our clinics previously. Well, today Mr C Kunalan's daughter Mona came to see me.

I've known Mona since our school days. She used to dominate all the sprints in the National Schools Track and Field events held at the old National Stadium.

I remember when she was running in the "B" division (17 years old and under) as a 15 year old, she clocked 12.2 seconds to break the previous record and be the fastest school girl outright. Much faster even than the all the girls running in the "A" division (20 years and under).

It wasn't a surprise when she went on to don national colors and even won medals at the SEA Games.

As you can see from the picture, Mona is still in very good shape. Other than running, she still does strength training regularly to maintain her speed. Like father, like daughter.

See the resemblance?

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