Sunday, October 8, 2017

How Your Hips Are Connected To Your Shoulders

Yes, our shoulders are connected to our hips! Definitely if you refer to work done by Tom Myers in his Anatomy Trains book.
If you look at the picture above, you can see that the right Vastus Lateralis (outer thigh muscles) through its fascial attachments are linked to the buttocks then through the thoracolumbar fascia across to the opposite (left) rib cage, shoulder and arm.

If I say it simply, it means your Vastus Lateralis actually attach to your arms! Or if I put it in a different way, your arms don't end at your arms. They end at your legs.
Another look at the connection
So supposing you have a rotated/ and or unstable pelvis (or hip), this can affect your shoulder and change the biomechanics in your shoulders and cause pain.

So in order to treat your shoulder pain, I'm not really crazy if I assess your hips before I look at your shoulder.

Just ask Bertrand, without really assessing his shoulder pain, I made his shoulder better just by taping his hip. 

Now when you come and see us in our clinics, you know why we look at your hips first if you have shoulder pain.

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