Saturday, August 5, 2017

Joseph Schooling At Sports Solutions

Jo at Sports Solutions
For the past few days, our staff were already talking about taking pictures with him when they saw his name booked in for an appointment in our clinic today.

I was treating another patient when Jo arrived, so Jo went to see Aized for his appointment. My next patient was running late so I went to say hello to Jo. Aized said the first question he asked was "Where's Uncle Gino?"

Yes "Uncle Gino" is what Jo still calls me. We used to swim together from 2004 until early 2008 when we were both swimming at the Center of Excellence (COE) under coaches John Dempsey,  Au Yong Kim Moon and Herbert Yu. I used to treat all the swimmers there including Jo.

That was my agreement with head coach John Dempsey. He would allow me to swim with the COE swimmers (while I was still training for triathlons) on the condition that I treat all the swimmers who needed help.

In fact I first treated him at a swim meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2004. Jo used to kick my behind in the pool even when he was nine years young!

Great seeing you today Jo! As Aized said, our pleasure and honor to be treating you when you're home.

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