Sunday, April 9, 2017

Luna Mono Running Sandals Review

I've had the Luna Mono Mgt running sandals for a while now and feel ready to write about them after my most recent run in the rain. Despite being wet, the soles were truly non slip, I was truly impressed as I thought they'll be slippery but they were not at all.

Like I wrote before when I first received it, they were nice and soft to wear, almost no breaking in required compared to my other running sandals, the Earth runners huraches. They were also super light, great to bring them while traveling so they can double up as your running sandals.

With normal walking, I didn't mind the strap between my first web space (between big and second toe), but during the runs, I've had some minor discomfort and upon using normal or toe socks they went away.
Normal socks instead of toe socks
I found the "over the top" ankle strap very useful as it helped tighten the sandal to prevent my heel from slipping out (my right foot is slightly smaller than my left so I need to tighten the right sandal more).

I've even had my own version of running mini intervals with them. 3-4 times a week when I bring my two boys to the playground near our place I'll end up playing "big bad wolf" with most of the kids at the playground. I have to run hard to chase them and I must say the Lunas stay on my feet much better than my Havaianas slippers.

My calfs were a tiny bit sore the very first time I used them probably due to the fact they were new. I didn't have a problem with that thereafter.

The Luna Mono's have a fair ground feel and feel good to walk and run in. And they definitely don't give you black toenails. Thanks to Fred from Run Minimal  for the sandals.

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