Thursday, October 13, 2016

2 Pairs Of Under Armour Running Shoes

UA Charged Bandit 2 (L) and UA Speedform Slingshot (R)
My patient Marie came to our clinic last week to see me on how she was going with her training for the New York City marathon she was going to participate.

She had also brought along a few pairs of her running shoes to show me and we talked about running shoes for her race. The pair she'd chosen seemed rather heavy and clunky so I suggested the pair she was wearing then looked more suitable. She said that the UA Speedform Slingot she was wearing was more suitable for 5 km and below runs. She seemed a little hesitant about wearing them for the marathon as she thought she'll require more cushioning for the race.

She took them off and showed me and I actually tried them on and said that these are the kind of shoes I'd run with usually. I explained  why and then suggested she try them for a longer run. She then said she would try and get me a pair as she was sponsored by Under Armour.

So today Marie and Wilfred Mong, Brand Communications Manager from Under Armour came to our clinic and passed me 2 pairs of Under Armour shoes to try. The same pair Marie is now going to use for her New York City marathon the Speedform Slingshot and the Charged Bandit 2.

A big thank you to Marie and Wilfred.

Here's a closer look

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